The media seems to be peddling the narrative that Trump is destroying the dignity of Office of the President. I agree with this sentiment; not because President Trump’s late-night tweets, his ad hominem attacks, or his apparent ignorance to certain issues. Donald Trump has seriously damaged the dignity of the Presidency because of his estranged relationship with fact-based truth.

His history of lies include comments about contacts with Russia, reasons for firing Comey, and his inauguration crowds (this list could go on for much much longer). His lies range from stretching the truth to allegedly impeachable offenses. The point is that he has a track record of being inconsistent with the truth. This has created an adversarial relationship between Trump and the media as it is the job of reporters to uncover facts even while the current administration seeks to mislead us. A cage match of sorts has been underway between President Trump and the truth with the media refereeing. Trump occasionally the hits the referee, and the fans (the American people) in the stadium are picking sides and sometimes fighting each other.

The effects of Watergate and President Nixon lying to the media and the American people are still being felt today. Moreover, Trump’s lies has had effected the credibility of the office he currently holds. Those to hold the office after him will have to work to dig themselves out of the deep dark hole Trump has dug.


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