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Put Up, Or Shut Up

“Trump has named 206 nominees, while Obama had named 355, George W. Bush had named 313, Clinton had named 267 and George H.W. Bush had named 243.”

This is a big deal. We all want our government to run efficiently, whether you are a liberal federal-government-expansionist or a conservative government slasher. In order for government to do anything, there must be no uncertainty within the many federal departments that we depend on for important services. Significantly less than what is currently being carried out, will be achieved within government if there is more doubt or a lack of leadership due to vacant positions.

There have been countless comparisons of Trump to his predecessors, some fair and some unfair. But the fact that our current president lags so far behind Obama, the Bush’s, and Clinton is especially concerning. Our country elected a non-politician, with no experience governing, as the President. This is an effect of having a businessman reality-television star consumed by his own image and approval ratings in office.

Trump and his supporters have and will continue to blame Congress, specifically the Democrats for this lag. However, gridlock is not to blame because Trump has nominated significantly fewer appointees than his last 4 predecessors at the same point in their presidency.

Ultimately, it is the job of the president as the leader of our country to nominate the necessary people to run the government he leads.



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