C.T. News Scan

Be for Something, Not Against

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  1. Trump ran as the not Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama candidate. Other than vague promises, he ran as NOT Clinton. (this worked)
  2. Republicans in Congress over the past few midterm elections ran against Obama.
  3. Those opposing the Affordable Care Act, simply rejected it as Obamacare. And recent evidence shows this is all they did for 8 years. They had no actual replacement or policy to “fix” the ACA.

This is a common theme in politics as of late. Politicians are increasingly less likely to have actually policy proposals. Instead, our representatives are just simply against something.

This is a result of increased partisanship; allowing people just two options. You can be for or against a candidate or policy. A vicious cycle of partisan divide is continued when politicians run as not their opponent instead of actual policies.

This strategy has obviously been successful for Republicans over the past decade. It simplifies ideas and makes decisions easier for voters. However, these decisions are not simple. For example, the solution to the ACA is not to “repeal and replace”. That supposed solution will have dramatically negative effects on scores of Americans. The American healthcare debate has turned into “for” or “against”. This is dangerous because we should be discussing details (specific pros and cons about ACA provisions), not broad generalizations.

It is time we the voters look past this simplifying of our politics. We must ask our politicians what they stand for and not get caught up in what they are against. We must educate ourselves and each other, and not let politicians assume our ignorance any longer

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