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Washington is Sick

Whether or not you agree with every aspect of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), you should have enough decency to respect the notion of providing more people with healthcare.

I am not an expert on healthcare. Premiums may have gone up for some and people might have had to get new doctors. But all in all, it is a fact that millions more people receive health insurance today because of the ACA.

Republicans in Congress have spent the last few months trying to “repeal and replace” the ACA (sadly, they forgot to formulate any actual policy during the eight years while they opposed it). Last night their shaky support for a hastily-written new bill, the American Health Care Act, finally collapsed after much scrutiny. Scrutiny such as the Congressional Budget Office projecting that millions would lose healthcare as a result of this bill….

Imagine what would happen if Congress just repeals the ACA.

Today, at the request of our president and vice president, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced next week there will be a vote to simply repeal Obamacare. With no replacement. This is sickening. The fact that a Congressman, supposed to represent Americans, would propose the repeal of a bill that gives Americans health insurance is akin to murder as many would die. Those in Washington that support this repeal represent an ideology that is unwell, ailing, sick, and hopefully fading.

There have always been individuals like this in Washington. The condition seems to be terminal and they disappear after a while, but not before infecting a few new politicians. Keep your eyes open and elect those who will help not just you, but all of us.

History will show a clear right and wrong side of this great American healthcare debate. Be on the right side and don’t let the health of your fellow Americans suffer just because there are a few sick individuals in Washington.


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  1. I wonder if the republican disdain (at best, hatred at worst) of Obama doesn’t actually lie at the base of this recent flurry of unbelievably awful and inhumane attempts to get rid of healthcare for millions. I agree with you. No matter what you think of the ACA, it should never, ever be just thrown out with no replacement. I still cannot get my head around this irresponsible, unethical behavior… which is why I wonder if at the heart of it all is racism. Just a thought; not a proclamation.

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  2. Yes, it does seem extremely irresponsible. For some in Congress, racism may be at play, however I think lobbying and money are bigger issues (insurance companies & big pharma are kind of evil). Either way it is unacceptable. Thanks for stopping by.

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    • Undoubtedly. Nothing in politics is simple. However, lobbying and money have been in play for decades (centuries?), yet we rarely see such a frenzied drive to simply repeal legislation without replacing it. For some reason, the ACA is an absolute obsession with many republicans.


  3. The main problem is the mandate. Every American has been told that he has to have health insurance and if you don’t sing up you have to pay a fine. This means that all Americans are born into debt.


      • this is problematic for working class people who are subsisting. it boils down to ones PoV about the role of governement. and how comfortable people are with being born into debt. 2K is quite a hefty fine. your argument is an elitist argument. in my humble opinion


      • It is a compassionate view, not an elitist one. It stems from the belief that no one should have to decide between getting treatment or buying food (healthcare is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy). There are government subsidies that make insurance affordable.


  4. IMhumbleO you are still talking about people who have money. in the end everything re: laws and regulations and which side one stands on them is based on how one perceives the role of government. i would say a lot of people (worldwide) who live in a democracy would prefer to make their own decisions. those countries that have at one point in time been dictatorships tend to have populations that favor the super state.


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