Opposition Op-ed

John McCain is No Maverick

John McCain

We incorrectly call Senator John McCain a maverick. He’s been falsely branded as a change maker and an independent-minded politician.


John McCain is one of the most well-known politicians over the past few decades. He has the respect of Republicans, Democrats, and most Americans. He deserves our respect for his service to our country both on the field of battle and in public service.

McCain is still a typical politician, and your average Republican. His colleagues are called moderates for breaking with their party from time to time, but he is declared a “maverick”. Since 1987 he has voted along Republican Party lines 87 percent of the time. FiveThirtyEight calculated that he votes in line with Trump 90 percent of the time. He is no maverick. He is just a man who successfully manages journalists and has an incredible story the has helped propel his career.


Senator McCain received an outpouring of support after being diagnosed with brain cancer last week. Today, he arrived back in DC after being diagnosed with a terminal illness and voted to open debate on repealing Obamacare and take away healthcare coverage from millions. Again, John voted on party lines and refused to recognize how his recent diagnosis relates to our country’s healthcare debate.

He announced that he will not support the GOP alternative bill in its current form. If McCain wants to secure his anointed title of “maverick,” he should break with his party on this major legislation and condemn them for the harm they will inflict on Americans by repealing Obamacare.


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