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Distraction via Social War

President Trump announced today on Twitter that “the United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military” because our military must be focused on “winning” and not be “burdened with the tremendous medical costs”.

Facts according to a study by the RAND Corporation:

  • Transgender soldiers will cause a “0.04- to 0.13-percent increase in active-component health care expenditure”.
  • Permitting transgender soldiers to serve will have “little or no impact on unit cohesion, operational effectiveness, or readiness.”

Countless studies have proved diversity and inclusivity benefits groups in a plethora of way.

This all seems like a distraction given the chaotic state of Trump’s White House and the growing Russian collusion scandal looming over him. Trump is playing to his base of supporters, many who are concerned about silly social ‘issues’. He is not being a president for all, he is being a president for those that voted for him. The strange part about most people who support Trump’s decision is that they will not be effected by it. What does some random chiropractor in Mississippi who voted for Trump gain by supporting the exclusion of transgender people from our military?

The president benefits from us arguing about whether we should permit discrimination rather than examine his fishy ties to Russia. Trump should toughen up, address his failures, answer reporters’ questions, and stop picking on minorities.

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    • All his decisions contribute to an overall policy direction culture Trump is trying to convey. His decision to ban trans people from the military is closely linked to his other decisions. I view his chaotic White House, failure to repeal Obamacare, and growing Russian collusion entanglements as the reason that led him to announce this decision (which was very abrupt as he left his top military advisors in the dark before he tweeted this policy). Trump appears to be very concerned with his image and media coverage, both are increasingly negative. This was a classic pivot or distraction.


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