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It’s a Game of Give and Take

The last few months have seen partisanship heightened as Congress debated the repeal of Obamacare.

Since the failure of the skinny repeal bill this week, Democrat and Republican senators have almost unanimously called for uniting as a legislative body and passing positive laws for their constituents. Their statements sound like the typical mindless words politicians use to give the appearance that they are interested in governing.

  • Senator Chuck Schumer (D) said, “let’s turn the page and work together”.
  • Senator Cortez Masto (D) tweeted, “I am ready to work with my colleagues across the aisle”.
  • Senator Susan Collins (R) stated, “neither party has a monopoly on good ideas, and we must work together”.
  • Senator John McCain (R) wisely declared, “we must now return to the correct way of legislating”.

Republicans and Trump will need a legislative victory soon if they wish to maintain any support. They must be willing to sacrifice and work with their colleagues.

Similarly, Democrats need to recognize that Republicans have been granted the majority in Congress by Americans. Democrats must work across the aisle and refrain from attacking Republicans for anything and everything they do.

Congress during the Obama years was characterized by gridlock and Democrats labeling their Republican colleagues as obstructionists. This increased the divide in Washington and spread to all corners of the United States. Voters are becoming sick and tired of the divide. Americans do not want to see three and a half more years of extreme partisanship.

Politics is not a zero-sum game, both sides can achieve policy goals. Republicans and Democrats sides must put country before party.



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