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Voters are Dumb or Apathetic


This graph is brought to you by an organization called Represent.Us. They advocate for anti-corruption measures and seek to hold elected representatives accountable. They recognize just how much politics matter.

We hate Congress for its incompetence and flip-flopping. We hate Congress for its inability to get things done. We hate Congress for its unresponsiveness to our concerns.

But, we still vote for these losers again and again. Because we don’t care. Because parties divide us and we vote on single issues. Because gerrymandering has created puzzle piece looking districts that make it impossible for opposing parties to win. Because we simply recognize their names.

We can solve this by paying attention. We can solve this by voting and encouraging others to vote. We can solve this by enacting term limits.

If we collectively paid more attention to our representatives, they would be more inclined to pass meaningful legislation. If we all voted, Congressmen and Congresswomen would be forced to appeal to a broader base thus becoming less partisan. If there were term limits, those in Congress would have limited time to get stuff done before they get the boot.

We need to stop the insanity of doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Congress works for you, so do not let them slack off.

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  1. Daniel, voters, to a very large degree are dumb and apathetic.
    I was one of those not that long ago. Thankfully I have changed that.

    Until about 15 years ago I went to the polls (twas my responstibility and privilege to vote, no?) and voted. Most of the people on the local ballots, I did not know. So, what did I do? I voted for names I knew! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Sometimes I chose the woman! Yes, we need more women in government! Sometimes I just picked the name at the top of the ballot. But I always voted! Did my duty!

    That was as un-Constitutional as not voting. I was cheating my country.

    Then I began to investigate who was running on every ticket, for every office. Local, state, federal.
    When I could not get information on a person, I just didn’t vote for that particular office. You shouldn’t vote when you don’t know who you’re voting for.
    Before this I worked a consuming job. I raised a daughter. Husband and I ran a small business. We had parents who need our help. Who has time for investigating people running for every office? This changed when I retired.

    People who vote should have skin in the game. If you don’t own property, don’t pay taxes, you should not have the privilege to vote. Are you shocked?
    Many women shouldn’t vote. We as a sex are too silly, too emotional and vote for all the wrong reasons. It’s been proven that the most attractive male candidates win! That’s the women’s vote. Idiots. So, maybe women shouldn’t vote. Do you need smelling salts?

    The first thing that must be done is terrm limits. That will only come with The Convention of the States. How’s that going in your state? We’re working on it in mine. 12 states have passed the application; we need 34 total so 22 more states. It’s real. It’s moving. But it needs support in each state, calls to congressmen, donations, etc.
    Then Amendments to the Constitution procedure can begin. Levine’s book outlines those. All good.

    You asked! There it is.

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  2. I appreciate your thoughts. I go back and forth on whether I’d like to see a required aptitude test before gaining the right to vote. I’d like this test to be similar to the one that immigrants take when becoming a citizen. And, making voting compulsory like in Australia also seems compelling to me. Both these ideas seem contrary to the principles of democracy though. Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Term limits are OK with me, but the same guys we want out would have to pass the limits. BTW, here in MA, I can get active all I want, but the state will remain as blue as the sky.

    Many people are too busy living life to care, many just have no clue of how the world really works (for me that’s Economics), and a few are just downright socialist.

    I try to spread a little bit of reality, but it takes time.

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  4. The problem is that lot of people don’t care about the issues but still votes on election day. Then we have to suffer the consequences of their stupidity.

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    • It’s concerning and confusing. Democratic values call for people to vote. Is it within their rights to be willfully uniformed? How would you feel about requiring all citizens to pass a political/American aptitude test in order to vote?


  5. I like this post as it is; and I would also add a couple nuances. We reach a wider audience when we replace “dumb” with “deluded” or even “duped”, because then at least its not entirely my own lazy-ass fault; so you come across as more generous about your wider potential audience. Secondly, and I think this goes to the apathy side of your equation, I wish you would say more about this nearly 80% disparity between who we vote for and who we would like to vote for instead. What are some better questions we might ask, some economically and politically healthier expectations we might expect of a more effective candidate’s actual performance, experience, and stated priorities to date. What indications are there that candidates even understand basic cooperative economic and political health care giving and receiving? If none, is that because we are not looking for these? And, if not looking, is that why we are finding this disparity between who we vote for and who we have not yet even begun to look for? If a politician is not an active advocate for health and climate care for everyone, then that is, almost by definition, an overly competitive politician, which is not, and could never be, an optimally effective politician for all her or his Earth-planted constituencies.

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