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Trump’s Blame Game

Again, President Trump is being the Distractor and Chief. This morning he tweeted:

Trump Tweet Russia 8/3/17

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Vladimir Putin is the reason for the strained relations between The United States and Russia. It is plain and simple. It is a fact that Russia interfered in our democratic process with the use of disinformation, hacks, and leaks. This fact is supported by both American and other national intelligence agencies.

Congress deserves blame for many things, but not the poor relations we share with Russia. Congress surprisingly took a positive step this week by passing a sanctions bill against Russia for their meddling our most sacred institution. Trump signed this bill after voicing reservations, and now he criticizes Congress the appropriate retribution toward Russia.

Looking back, Barack Obama deserves some credit for emboldening Putin, as he did not take the strong action needed. However, his reasoning made some sense due to the hyper-partisan nature of the 2016 Election and his relationship with Hillary Clinton.

If anyone deserves blame now, that person is Donald J. Trump for his unwillingness to criticize Russia and his blatant disregard of facts. Trump has the unique opportunity to rally the nation against a real enemy who attacked us. Instead, he would rather blame others for things it seems he might not understand.

Maybe he thinks he will wiggle his way out of the investigation? Maybe he thinks we will all forget? Maybe he does not think his actions are incorrect?

He is wrong, wrong, wrong.

BREAKING: He cried foul at reports that Robert Mueller’s investigation would examine his finances. However today, the investigation has been intensified with more subpoenas, a new focus on Trump’s finances, and the assembling of a grand jury (used to determine if there is probable cause to support criminal charges).


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  1. How alarming is it that Trump signed the bill, but still couldn’t help from blaming our own lawmakers for responding to an attack on our sovereignty? Time and time again Trump has sided with authoritarian dictators over our own democratic leaders.

    Why? Doesn’t help make his case that he’s not influenced by Putin. Makes me wonder.

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    • Daniel, when you step in shit, you’re gonna stink. No doubt about it!

      Rational in his own mind, perhaps Trumpie sees his relevance whizzing by. Congress has finally wised-up, realized that backing Trump is only a short-term surge; but, in the long run, unless the change course now. Ryan and McConnell will be forming a line–the Unemployed Congressional Line!

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  2. I’m inclined to agree mostly. For context, however, for 20 years the US has been incrementally pushing at Russia’s border and economy. NATO has been creeping closer and sanctions have been piling up.

    Also, the show of force Obama set up before leaving office by increasing troops on Russia’s borders and the expulsion of diplomats only antagonized Putin and strained the relationship. It was unnecessary.

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    • Craig, like it or not, those nations–in Eastern Europe–know both Putin and Russia quite well, are our NATO allies. We were obliged to show support, rather than leave them on Russia’s doorstep.

      A minor build-up in Poland, some 5,000 troops, was a much better option than attacking Russia, during its winter. In 1812, Napoleon led a 500,000 men international army, following the outmanned Russian Army, deeper, and deeper into Mother Russia. Napoleon over-extended his supply lines, and he was defeated by the Russian Winter.

      Besides, may I assume that you, like me, have never lived under the Soviet way of life, which was even worse for the satellite nations. Ask Chancellor Angela Merkel, who grew-up in East Germany. Those “eastern-Bloc” countries fled to move under the West’s–and NATO’s–Umbrella.
      Unlike in 1939, post-1989, Poland and surrounding countries had a choice!

      Interestingly, the romantic historian that Putin is, sees many parallels in our Monroe Doctrine, of 1805.

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  3. Furtive, when you write about Russia–or any adversary–the Number #1 role of Warfare, is to Know Your Enemy. Well, when you make comments–in person, or on the Net–you should understand whomever, or whatever, you are responding to!

    By the way, when you write about Two Oceans, I suggest that you might even be referring to the wrong oceans. The Two Ocean Policy that you should consider, truly, is the Indian Ocean–which runs from the Horn of Africa, to the Straits of Malacca, where the South China Sea begins.

    The Indian, by the way, encompasses the entire Muslim World–not just the 22% in MENA–as well as the two major choke-points–the Gulf of Hormuz, and the Straits of Malacca. On a globe that is 75% Water, by the way, Control of the Seas–where China is focused–is much more important than Control of the Land. N’est-ce pas?

    P. S. You must be really, really old to refer to me as young. By the way, did you read about the Two Ocean Policy in Alfred Thayer Mahan’s 1873 book, which suggested it? Pick it up!

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