Importance of Journalism

“In America the President reigns for four years, and journalism governs forever and ever.” -Oscar Wilde

As much as the media irritates Americans, it plays an important role providing a looking glass for us to examine our government. Presidents gain and lose power quickly. The news media has had power (to influence government officials and common people) for hundreds of years as the Fourth Estate.

As of right now, our political climate and the rise of ‘fake news’ accusations make it tough to trust journalists. However, we should not simply write them all off as malicious or incompetent. Instead, we should view it as our public duty to sift through the information being thrown at us. Somewhere someone is telling the truth, so go find that story.

Do not cry ‘fake news’ when you see information that contradicts your beliefs. Open your mind to more news outlets and opinions. Remember that journalists are a vital part of our democracy, and those who wish to discredit them may be hiding something.

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  1. You’re speaking of how journalism used to be. I suppose the printed word is still journalism. But TV news is too corrupted by money. Too much like a tabloid. Too much manipulation, not enough substance. Gathering a group of experts to discuss and issue is not reporting. I sense that Bob Woodward is disgusted by today’s TV news.

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    • Thanks for bringing up such valid points. News media has changed a lot. I agree media conglomerates are a threat to the institution of journalism. However, there is still good journalism so we should not be overcome with cynicism. My point is that we should scan different outlets and sources in order to discover the substance.


      • Perhaps there is substance. But it’s so buried in fluff that even with the Internet, it’s hardly worth the effort of trying to find substance. But fortunately, at least for now, there is Wikipedia.

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  2. I agree in abstract that journalism is important, because the press is every man and every woman with access to a computer; at its most basic, journalism is truth-telling — reporting what transpires. However, where are these good stories that people speak of? I think they are like finding a unicorn. By saying this I am separating the dream and the practice of journalism. Without a commitment to truth — the observable reality shared by all — and a commitment to what matters (self-determination > living in fear from the latest alarm), all you have get are slightly-disguised opinion pieces.

    If you think Wikipedia is some redoubt of truth and honesty, you haven’t been there lately. Consider their response to Hillary Clinton’s scandals, traditional marriage, Obama’s court cases, and on and on.

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  3. Good journalism can be found time to time at most outlets. And all news will have some opinion infused in it (consciously and subconsciously). I don’t really see anything around that. I agree Wikipedia is flawed. My point is that the culmination of many stories and sources offer truth when you compare and contrast them.


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