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North Korean Solution? Pt. 2

Politico Trump North Korea

Screenshot from Politico.com

The United Nations slapped sanctions on North Korea aimed at stifling their exports. These sanctions, supported by the US, were approved after Kim Jong Un provocatively continued to test intercontinental ballistic missiles (this time reportedly able to reach the US mainland).

We have had years of negotiations, sanctions, and back and forth threats with N. Korea. Threats are not working. Sanctions are not working. And negotiations do not seem like the North Korean dictator’s style. Trump’s threat today is not helping, and instead it draws comparisons between him and Kim Jong Un. It is time to abandon our past strategies.

We need to address the elephant in the room (China), act ourselves, or quit complaining.

  1. The US should issue sanctions against China for not using their influence over North Korea to prevent their destabilizing actions.
  2. Or the US should take overwhelming military action to remove Kim Jong Un and retrieve their nuclear warheads.
  3. Or the US should recognize North Korea as a nuclear power, remove our troops from the region, accept their demands, and quit complaining (this is a bad idea).

This angry little country has made the US look foolish for more than a decade because our strategies have failed. Trump wrote the book on negotiations and said he would make the “best deals”. He has the chance to deliver on a promise and break away from the failed efforts of his predecessors by doing something new. It is time for that new strategy. There is a solution to this problem somewhere.

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  1. About your list. #1 is a double edged sword due to the entangled trade and other interests. It could just as easily drive China into being less cooperative. As for #2 that is a total disaster for the countries in the region. All experts agree that North Korea has had 60 plus years to build and hide massive amounts of ordnance , rockets , missiles, and even mortars. There is no way we could do a first strike and get all of the threats. There will be some that will be able to hit South Korea, japan, and other countries in the area. IF any nukes are used the radiation fallout will kill people in all these same countries and ruin food and water sources. #3 while distasteful seems to be the only choice we have right now. We have to deal with reality, and the reality is they have the missiles and the nuclear technology. However there is a #4. It is illegal but we need to think about ways to take out the top officials of North Korea covertly. Be well. Hugs

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    • Thanks for commenting Scottie. I agree with your analysis of the options I listed. All options have possibly dangerous effects. Covertly toppling N. Korea may work, and I’d include that under option #2. It’s scary to think #3 might be the safest/smartest. Either way, it is time to change our strategy.

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