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Think back to how our last three presidents were treated by the media:

  1. Bill Clinton had his personal life scrutinized and was almost removed from office for having an affair (Slick Willie was wrong, but did not deserve the treatment he received).
  2. George W Bush was relentlessly mocked for his accent and intelligence. Worst of all, some directly blame him for 9/11.
  3. Barack Obama was attacked for eight years by many because the color of his skin. His country of origin, allegiance to the US, and religious beliefs were also questioned and attacked.

These three men did not whine often. They acted like leaders and went to work.

In May, President Trump cried, “no politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.” And since then, like a steady drum beat, he whines about ‘fake’ news and negative media coverage in his vindictive Tweets.

Those that say the Office of the President deserves respect are correct. Those that give Trump blind support and cry foul when there is a negative story about him are wrong.

Trump gets what he dishes out. He has attacked the media from the start of his campaign. He may not like the media right now, but he sure did like the nonstop coverage (positive and negative) a year ago when he was running for president.

Most of the criticism he receives is about his half-truths and flat out lies. Because of his round-the-clock deception, everything he does is viewed with intense scrutiny. Even Trump’s simple comments and actions are put under a microscope because of his rocky history with the truth.

The media has every right to cover our president as they wish if Trump continues to discredit and attack them. While the Presidency is an important institution that deserves respect, so is the news media.

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  1. I agree with your evaluations except I don’t believe that he has any idea what the actual truth of anything is, he is absolutely a habitual liar, there is no way to believe or trust anything that he says.

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  2. Daniel, in 1973, when the Yom Kippur War broke-out, our Missileman were in “Prepare to Launch” Mode. Also, President Nixon, depressed during Watergate. As a potential nuclear war with the Soviet Union being considered, National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, and Secretary of Defense, James Schlesinger, advised the Generals to only take direction from them.

    Who are Trump’s trusted, and CAPABLE advisors? Ivanka? Jared? Perhaps Steve Bannon? That’s why everyone, with experience and competence in Foreign Affairs, have run-away from Donald Trump.

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    • Trump obviously makes decisions without consultation of his military advisors, or really anyone. Truly scary. Bush got bashed for calling himself ‘the decider’. Trump seems to actually believe he is the sole ‘decider’ and all powerful sovereign of the US.


    • Bill Clinton was wrong because he cheated on his wife and took advantage of a young intern. It may call into question his integrity, but not his ability to lead (I go back and forth on this idea though because I can’t decide if I 100% think this poor decision is separate from his judgment/abilities as a leader). Hillary Clinton was also unfairly criticized for her husband’s infidelity.

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      • See I figure what he did was between three people. His wife, the adult lady who he did it with, and himself. What he did was not a crime. Monica was an adult. However he did make a mistake when he tried to deny it, but that is rather understandable. So his crime was not that he had consensual oral sex in the white house, but that he lied about it. Hugs


    • Scottie, I still have no clue about a post or comment regarding Bill Clinton. Newt Gingrich and the GOP blew that whole thing out of proportion. It had been used for political reasons, a la Benghazi, rather that National Ethics. Even Special Prosecutor Ken Starr, approximately a year ago, claimed regret for harming a good man.

      My surprise with your comment is that I don’t recall ever having commented on anyone’s personal life. I deal with facts, and not emotional matters or unproven innuendo.


      • Hello Cheekos. I think we are talking past each other. I was addressing this in the post above.

        Bill Clinton had his personal life scrutinized and was almost removed from office for having an affair (Slick Willie was wrong, but did not deserve the treatment he received).

        This is what I was addressing with the my comment. I see from above that it appears my comment went into a reply of yours to Daniel, instead of a direct comment to the author of the post. As he responded to me I figured all was understood. All good now? I agree with your comment above btw. Hugs


  3. Yes, you might have been replying to the blog’s post, rather than to my independent reply which had not addressed any of The Adventures of President Clinton. Thanks for clearing it all up!


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