Politicians give politics a bad name

“Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.” -Henry Kissinger

No, the 99.9% of politicians give the .1% a bad reputation.

We see cycles of empty promises, verbal attacks (sometimes physical ones), lies, broken promises, every so often crimes, and then confusingly re-election.

The American people are increasingly concerned about healthcare, taxes, climate change, homelessness etc. With so many problems around us, it is hard to tell whether our politicians are incompetent or complicit.

The problem is that power corrupts. Most people in Congress receive money from powerful donors/lobbyists who exert untold influence on them. Once elected, our representatives, minus a few, run for re-election. Politicians spend more time telling us they are doing a good job, rather than actually getting stuff done.

The real question is why we keep electing these deadbeats.


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