Division Band-Aid

United we stand, divided we fall. -Aesop

It is as simple as it seems.

Society functions better when we think of all citizens as worthy. Progress is acheived when everyone is heard and willing work with all people to better one’s community.

A divided community will collapse on itself. A fractured society becomes too concentrated on minuscule disagreements and forgets to look at the big picture.

If we had conversations with those we consider enemies or insignificant, we would find out that we have more connections than disagreements.

For example, immigrants and those who support anti-immigration measures have something in common. Immigrants want to come to America because they are often fearful of violence, economic struggles, and lack of opportunity in their country of origin. They do not seek to impose their culture on a new society. Those nativists, who reject immigrants, do so on a basis of fear. Fear of violence or losing their job, culture, and way of life.

These two sides have something in common. Both are fearful and want to better their lives.

If we continue to participate in partisan squabble and tearing down our president, we will lose economically, geopolitically, and culturally. It is time for us to find common ground and work with each other. We should look for areas of common interests, even when our opponents call us names and refuse to listen. Our current divisions are temporary and can be repaired.

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  1. I disagree, which is fine as we have the right to do so in this country. I feel that there is no common ground with the stated motives and desires of white Nationalist / supremacist and most of the people who disagree with them. I also do not want to draw closer to their ideals. I don’t mind civil discourse and conversation, however using euphemisms for what people really are pushing for is not going to accomplish anything but misunderstandings. Let the actions of all sides speak for them. Hugs

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  2. Oh, I don’t think everyone agrees with everyone on something. It’s just not possible for extremist groups on each side to come together. For example, you’re not going to get people who think abortion should be illegal in all circumstances to agree with people who think women should be able to get abortions with zero restrictions or regulations. For the more moderate groups, yes, they can agree on some things, but the extremists are so loud that it drowns the moderates out.


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