C.T. News Scan

CNN’s Contradiction

CNN is not fake news despite President Trump’s claims. However, CNN’s recent decision to fire political commentator Jeffrey Lord is very concerning.

Lord was in a Twitter feud with Angelo Carusone, the president of Media Matters, and accused him of acting like a fascist. Lord took issue with Carusone’s call for sponsors to boycott Sean Hannity. At one point in the back-and-forth on Twitter, Lord responded “Sieg Heil!” (a victory salute used by Nazis) mocking Carusone after accusing him of being a fascist.

CNN responded by confusingly firing Lord and stating, “Nazi Salutes are indefensible.” Duh. Obviously, no respectable news network should permit its employees to mimic Nazis, however, Lord was doing it in a joking way. He was making a point and used humor in the wrong place and time.

That being said, Lord should have been fired. Not for this comment, but for his nearly two years of unabashedly biased constant support of Trump. And most of all for his willful and manipulative ignorance of facts.


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