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Monumental Waste of Time

George Washington and Robert E. Lee are both significant Americans who should be remembered.

We should remember their accomplishments, military successes, philosophies, etc. that contributed to the United States we live in today. AND we should also remember their flaws. Specifically, one deplorable flaw that caused a national wound that is still not entirely healed: Washington and Lee supported slavery. Both men had slaves and maintained the societal structure of white supremacy through racist ideologies. One was less vocal, while the other cemented his place in history as a champion of this lost cause.

Both sides are silly to put so much thought into which statues should remain standing for us to ignore and which ones should be torn down for us to ignore.

  • The pro-statue people need to recognize that we should not put flawed men on pedestals to be idolized (specifically a Civil War loser who rebelled against his nation to support a vile cause). They must also realize the connotations their actions and words have; especially the momentum fringe hate groups receive from this kind of divide. American historical figures for educational purposes, not as a silent dog whistle to racists.
  • The anti-statue people should focus their energy elsewhere. Do not become overly focused on this tiny aspect of a larger cultural divide. White supremacy is far more institutionally established than just a few statues. If you care about alleviating racism, fight for criminal justice reform or affirmative action. As long as the statue is not overtly commending racism or slavery, let it be.

All those who support statues of Robert E. Lee are not racists. Similarly, the other side is not bent on erasing history or destroying Southern culture.

This seems like such a tiny issue that is being blown out of proportion. Think about who is benefiting from this divide right now and the 24/7 news coverage. Think about who continues to divide us.

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  1. Daniel, I’d like some clarification on “All those who support statues of Robert E. Lee are not racists.”

    The Confederacy existed solely to preserve slavery and I am not sure if anything can more racist than enslaving people because of their, well, race.

    Yes, Washington and Lee both owned slaves, but Washington is also remembered for his many other achievements. Lee has only his role in the Civil War; without that, what reason would there be to remember him?

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  2. Thanks for the comment. Support is probably not the best word. All those who do not wish to tear down statues of Lee are not racists. Some simply see it as a part of history and a way to remember the Civil War. Lee is a significant American for his role in our history – the Mexican American War and the Civil War, his military abilities, and his non-slavery related policy beliefs. His support of slavery is deplorable. However, we can still remember the other aspects of his life without venerating him. We do the same with Washington and Jefferson. The Civil War was fought largely over slavery, however, there were also other contributing issues. Either way, the South stood on the wrong side of history and Lee fought for an unjust cause.

    The point of my post is that this conversation is less important than other ones we could be having.


  3. Monuments to evil men VS monuments to heroes…
    Well, no one is perfect. Some are more imperfect than others. Much more imperfect. But I think this is ore a changing of our history. We must remember the Confederacy and their long horrible war against the Union. My great grandfather died in Gettysburg at 55 fighting face to face with the Confederate soldiers. They just stood there and shot each other. The first line went down and the second line of soldiers started firing. It was the bloodiest war in our history. We should never forget.
    Same with the 911 attacks. We must never forget!

    Slavery? We must never forget.
    But taking offense at the statues is like taking offense at the photos of Muhammad Atta, 911 terrorist. We must never forget.

    Besides all this statue garbage is just a ‘SQUIRREL!’

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  4. Slavery continues today among those who cannot earn a living doing what they want to do. (I’m not talking about those who have no talent for it.) The powers-that-be will censor anyone who does not support the general views of the MSM.


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