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Trump’s Shit Stinks Too

If you cannot criticize or are not able to recognize criticism of President Trump, you are failing at your civic duty. It is a citizen’s job to hold government officials accountable. Our president has made very flawed decisions, especially over the past two weeks. He says whatever he wants without consideration of how it will affect our nation. Take look at a few highlights from his speech in Phoenix last night.


Trump declared, “If we have to close down government, we are building that wall.” This statement is the equivalent of a parent jingling keys in front of a kid to distract them. The wall is a joke- shiny jingly political keys used to distract Americans from his horrible past two weeks involving a boisterous Kim Jong Un and the inability to forcefully condemn hate groups.

“The Wall” has been Trump’s rallying cry that has drawn support for millions of Americans afraid of people looking for a better lifestyle. The hypocrisy of this statement is unmatched given the fact that Trump said, the wall “is the least important thing” while on a call with the Mexican President a few months ago.

Our distractor-and-chief smells his blood in the water and is scrambling on how to change the talking points.


Trump said, “they are trying to take away our history and our heritage” referencing the monument debate and the recent events in Charlottesville. No one is trying to erase history. Those that oppose Confederate statues beg that we do not forget our history, however, they take offense to rebels of a lost cause being put on a public pedestal and immortalized in stone. The ‘heritage’ claim sounds like a dog whistle to ignorant racists and hate-filled people. There is something wrong with those that unapologetically identify and praise their heritage as coming from the Confederate cause in the Civil war.


Donald whined about the press saying, “These are really, really dishonest people and they’re bad people and I really think they don’t like our country”. His constant attacks on journalism are terrifying. Our president acts like none of his predecessors when it comes to news coverage. The media treats Trump fairly given the fact that a majority of the words out of his mouth are lies or grandiose claims how great he is.

The comments above are continually repeated by Trump. Please do not ignore our president’s shit.


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  1. well apparently his approval and disapproval numbers are trending the same fall off percentage as most of the recent Presidents. Nobody seems to be that concerned, remember he went in with one of the lowest approval ratings in history so his fall off has not been that great compared to past Presidents first year


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